Saturday, February 25, 2012

A bunch of different stuff!

Happy Almost Sunday, Nail Friends!

This post is three different things! Our regular "Trip To The Past" segment, a picture of my mini haul from Target and Ross today and my little sister's nails that I painted...somewhat alright. I have a hard time painting someone else's nails and she has the tiniest nails this side of a 4 year old! (She'll be 14 in July.)

So without further ado, hop inside my car, pull down the doors and we'll crank this post up to 88 miles per hour as we take a trip to last year!

Say hello to gradients!
So I was poking around rebeccalikesnails and I found her zebra gradient tutorial and I HAD to try it. I went out and bought make up sponges and dabbed and dabbed like a happy little dabbing school girl. Giggles not included. Ok they might have been. Anyway, it was relatively successful, so I lined over it with a black Sally Hansen nail art pen because the black ties the gradient together and makes it look smoother. (And drew a dragon I can't find the pictures of on my thumbnail. I love dragons. It saddens me that I can't show it to you.) I liked this mani, but I know now I can do better. (Especially with clean up. Look at that mess!)

 Well. Ride's over. Back in the car!

That was a great time traveling trip! Back to the present now I want to show you my mini haul! I was in Ross with my mom (I'm visiting her for her birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom!) and I remembered Rebecca (again with rebeccalikenails in this post!) talking about finding Color Club nail polish at Ross. So I abandoned my mother in the shirts aisle and went hunting. Aaaaaand didn't find them til we were about to leave together. I found the Color Club Back To Boho collection B. For 7 dollars. (What is that nonsense!) So I bought it. And then in Target I found a Nicole By OPI: Sounds Grape To Me and oh man it's soooooo pretty! And then I noticed the clearance label. Heck yes! Victory for the Nail Friends! It was half off. So that came home with me too.
From left to right: Voodoo You Do, Artsy Crafty, Nicole By Opi Sounds Grape To Me, Nouveau Vintage, Boho Mojo and Blue-Topia. All in all I'm happy with all of them except boho mojo, and hey. Maybe it'll look good as nail polish jewelry! It's win-win all around.

Moving on to the last part of todays EPIC POST (which is filled with parentheses.) My sister asked me to paint her nails tonight, so I did. But my camera is dead. So...I apologize for the phone pictures everywhere in here.

Her thumb is CG Re-fresh Mint and acrylic paint. It's a thunderstone from Pokemon because that's how we roll. The rainbow dots are acrylic paint and the silver dots are Zoya Trixie all on a base of Borghese something my mom had in her cabinet with a thin layer of some...unknown little kid polish my sister had. (I'm not being very good at accurate blogging here am I? MORE PARENTHESES)

Lastly, I wish to give a BIIIIIIG thank you to my new Nail Friends! I'm almost at 25 which is crazy! Hope to see you all after the giveaway's over and I hope you like my blog so far. It's always a work in progress, but I take suggestions of things to do on my nails, suggestions for things you'd like to see on my blog and I believe I'm going to start doing a blog interview type deal if you're interested in that! I know i'm not big now, but exposure is exposure is exposure.

Feel free to post on my fb wall or leave comments! I don't bite and I love talking about nails!

Until next time, Nail Friends!
Same polish time, same polish channel!


  1. So I keep hearing acrylic paint...what is it & why is it so special? What does it do that normal polish doesn't? Also shush about your "mess" you want a mess ill show you my fingers up until before this weeks painting & even orange stick clean up didn't get it all!!! For a starting blogger your interesting though :) there are a lot that are hard to follow but I really enjoy yours!

    1. Acrylic paint is exactly what it sounds like. Acrylic paint like you'd use to make a painting. I bought a cheapy set from Walgreen's art aisle with a bunch of colors and these itty bitty tubes. Since you use so little for nail art it lasts a long time. I think the best thing about it for doing nail art vs regular polish (though I still tend to mix and match depending on the color I need) is that it dries a LOT slower on a piece of paper or whatever your palette is. So you can blorp out a dot of it, and not have to keep blorping (scientific term. haha) every five seconds while you're using the color. It's also water soluble, so you can thin it out too.

      I'm glad you like reading my blog! I'm just being a dork in text, but there's no other way I could be!

      (pssh I forgot to hit reply to you instead of the thread, Silly me.)

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  3. Yay great mini haul! I didn't know Ross had nail polish... must go now. Also love the rainbow dots on your sister's mani! So colorful! And also, your orange gradient zebra mani kind of reminds me of Tony the Tiger... orange & stripy! Awesome!

    1. One of these days I should do a legitimate tiger mani...

      The weirdest one though, was finding Zoya inside the Whole Foods across from my mom's. WHOLE FOODS! Who knew?