Friday, February 17, 2012

Trip To The Past: FMA's Alphonse

Hello, Nail Friends, and welcome to another exciting issue of our trip back in time to my first year of nail polish! (cell phone post edition!)
One of the 6 nail polishes I'd bought was Rimmel's Marine Blue and I noticed that it was the perfect color to recreate my favorite walking empty suit of armor.  (my car is named Alphonse if that tells you how much I love this character.)
I painted my nails blue and using my nail art pens I drew an outline of Alphonse. I remember it taking 2-3 tries to get his face right, but it was pretty awesome when it was done! Had to add a couple hearts because I believe I mentioned that I love him.
Back this time last year I was really big on thumb drawings and then decreasing detail from index to pinky.I learned about ring finger accent nails and started doing that more, but I still enjoy the aesthetic of... I suppose I'll call it a, "detail gradient."
That's all for this (slightly late) thursday post! Light box is becoming a reality shortly and I'm definitely going to have what I think is a not too shabby 75 follower giveaway!
NOTD: revlon naughty with ring finger accent of revlon scandalous.
See you Sunday, Nail Friends!
Same nail polish place, same nail polish channel!

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