Thursday, March 8, 2012

31 Day Nail Challenge Catch-Up: Blue

1: I only did my left hand
2: no base or top coat. These were purely for the challenge.
3: Some of these I forgot to clean up. So my apologies
4: All that removal ANGERED my cuticles...and I forgot my Lemon Butter.


Colors Used
CG Liquid Leather (favoritest black everrr)
EL Kind Of Connery
Acrylic Paint blue
Acrylic Paint white

This glitter. This glitter made amazing things happen! I also sponged a little blue/white onto my accent finger cause...I feel weird when I have all of my fingers look exactly the same.  This one was one I totally forgot to clean up. Teehee!

More pictures under the cut!


I love comments and questions!

Violet incoming!

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