Thursday, March 8, 2012

31 Day Nail Challenge Catch-Up: Metallic

Nail Friends! I've done it! I've caught up! I just need to do some rainbow nails tomorrow and I'm all set to continue on this crazy adventure I've placed myself on!

1: I only did my left hand
2: no base or top coat. These were purely for the challenge.
3: Some of these I forgot to clean up. So my apologies
4: All that removal ANGERED my cuticles...and I forgot my Lemon Butter.

I don't have a lot of metallics. They really aren't my thing...and of course I have my bronze on loan to my mom (It looks really good on her, I'm not too distraught) so I was left with Zoya Trixie. I received it as a holiday gift from a family friend and I'm actually getting WAY more use out of it than I thought I was going to.

At any rate, metallic made me think ROBOT. Heck yeah!

Colors Used
Zoya Trixie
CG Liquid Leather
CG Salsa
Zoya Dove

More pictures under the cut!

Flipped him so you can see his cuteness!

I love comments and questions!

Until next time, Nail friends!
Same nail polish time, same nail polish channel!


  1. Teeheehee your robot is so cute! I love his little antenna! Nice metallic silver!

    1. Thanks! I've seriously been using Trixie waaaaay more than I thought I would ever use it!

  2. Awwww...the robot really is adorable here. I like your nail art!

    1. Thank you! I'm definitely due for done more! March was so crazy that lately I've just been putting on a color and running.

  3. I love robot nails! <3 Cute!

    1. My bf suggested I redo this mani, but do a robot on each nail and have them dancing!

  4. Aww I love your robot! He's (she's?) so cute! My nail art skills are totally lacking. I'm definitely not able to do cute little figures, yet :)


    1. Practice is your best friend! I know I can't do stamping. :/ maybe I should do more of it haha. My robot loves you too.

  5. aww this is too cute i feel like he's gonna wave to me