Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 1: Red

Hello, Nail Friends!
It's March and you know what that means? I'm doing the 31 day nail challenge!
March is one crazy month, but I'm stubborn and so I shall be doing a different set of nails for you every day! A lot of really amazing nail artists have taken the challenge and if you haven't, you certainly can!
A couple things to keep in mind for post quality: my extra camera battery and charger have give AWOL, so I have to present you with phone pictures. Sorry for that. Also, I'm using my phone to post 5 out of 7 days a week. No internet at home and the blogger app will not let me place photos where I want them. So they'll all be at the bottom of those posts.
Boring stuff taken care of, on to the mani!
I tend not to wear reds. I think they look funny on me, but hey. Love outside the box! I did a single coat of CG Salsa (over a basecoat of CND Stickey) and then while it dried I sat and stared at my polish shelves.
And stared. A lot.
And then I remembered I'd just  found CG Lubu Heels! I loves me some accent nails, so I painted my thumbnail and ring finger, took more Salsa and a teeny brush and did squares! It looked good but red still looks I then used Lubu Heels to do a kind of french. I like
Until next time, Nail Friends.
Same nail polish place, same nail polish channel!


  1. Love the accent nails and the french! And I think red looks good on you! Watchutalkinbout!?

    Also, I've nominated you for some blog awards! Check my post here!

    1. It's just so not my color. >_> but thank you!

      And I looked! Those are my first ever awards! I'm suuuuper excited!