Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Swap Nail Mail Part 1 and April Event Three!

Happy weekend, Nail Friends!

This time, on AOTNF I'm going to showcase the three polishes sent to me by the wonderful Andrea Allis through the Easter swap put together by Enchanting Cosmetics! (She has a great page that you should most certainly check out!)

Basically once people showed interest, Cherie from Enchanting Cosmetics paired us with a person to receive a present from us and then we had a secret person sending us a package. No one had the same person they were sending or receiving from. The package I received was preeeeetty awesome! I'm going to be posting about each individually over this week, but stick with me and I'll be announcing the third event for April at the bottom of this post!

Today: Jordana Fairy Dust!

More pics and my thoughts under the cut!

So to start. Omg! I opened my package and (only took a phone camera pic...) found amazingness everywhere!

there was one more truffle...but it didn't make it. The bunny followed soon after.

So let's start with the Jordana Fairy Dust! This polish is a super pink, rainbow bonanza of glitter! Wow! Just in the bottle the holographic glitter shines scattered rainbows and darn it was pink!

So as I was swatching (I've never really just swatched, so I'm figuring out how I want to do it, I decided that from pinky to forefinger--my thumb needs no love!--i would do one coat to four coats. Just so you can get an idea of the layering/opacity of each polish. And without further blah blah blah...Fairy Dust!

So as you can see, until the third coat, Fairy Dust is pretty sheer. It definitely gets some good coverage on three coats, but I'd still suggest 4 if you're wearing it by itself. I'd also suggest layering it either over a baby pink, a gray or even a deep magenta. As for application, the glitter didn't drag between coats and went on pretty evenly, so I'd say it's not half bad! It definitely gets gritty, so have some Gelous or an equivalent handy when using this glitter.

It rainbows pretty hard!

Probably the most color accurate. I'm still learning color correction.
Also, according to Bee Polished at her post here, Fairy Dust is a dupe for OPI Teenage Dream, a discontinued polish from the Katy Perry collection. Click the link for her in depth comparison! (I love her Put Your Dupes Up posts.) So if you've been lemming that one and want to pay a lot less for it, try to find Jordana Fairy Dust!

Next post I'll be reviewing Step 2 the Beat Of My Heart.


From now until Thursday, April 12th at 12am PST (thursday night/friday morning) i would like you to tell me about a non-polish hobby you have! Post it to the Adventures of the Nail Friends facebook wall please!

All rules for the April Events are located on the rules post I made at the beginning of april. I will repost the rules every 5 events, so 2 more and you'll see the rules again. 

I hope you have fun, Nail Friends!
Until next time,
Same nail polish time, same nail polish channel!


  1. Yay!! I'm so glad you liked this, Nichole! :) It's really pretty. Silly me didn't get one for myself, I guess I need to correct that! I really do like how it looks! :) Look forward to seeing the others!

    1. Ah! You have a nail blog! I'll add the link next time I'm on a computer! I'm faintly having fun swatching these. All three are outside my nail comfort zone, but I actually really like them!

    2. PS. You can add my blog link if you would like,

    3. We are one the same brain wave, I see, Ha, ha, ha!

    4. Hahaha same exact timestamp and everything!

  2. Love the packages and that glitter is fantastic!

    1. I think so too! She sent a great package! Welcome to my blog as well!