Friday, April 13, 2012

Out of Order Trip To the Past and April 4!

So it's been KILLING me that I haven't shown this to all of you, so darn it all this is my blog! I can break my own rules!

Say hello to my halloween 2011 mani.

Darn right that's Pikachu!
I was still trying to do straight edged nails...which just really doesn't work with my nails, so the shape looks a little funky, but I absolutely loooooove these! Base is OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys, I know the yellow was a combination of acrylic paint and China Glaze Happy Go Lucky, the red is China Glaze Salsa (my go-to nail art red) but heck if I know the green on the thunderstone. This mani is one of the 4 pokemon manis I've done on my way to painting them all!

And now for the next April event! On my facebook wall I would like you to link me your favorite mani done by another blogger! It can be posted on a blog, their fb page, instagram, tumblr. However they show off their nails! The only rule is that it can't be one of your own! I'll repost this on my facebook as well. I'll also be reposting the main set of rules for the April events after the next event. 
Event 4 will end Sunday, April 15th at midnight PST. I will select the winner using or a randomizer on my phone. ^_^

Until next time, nail friends!
Same nail polish time, same nail polish place~


  1. Hahah aaah so cute! I LOVE the lightning bolt! Hmmm favorite mani by another blogger.... that's a hard one, there are so many! Hmmmm.... *contemplates*...

  2. This is so cute. Who doesn't love pikachu!!! I love this Easter mani by DIY Polish

    1. that is an awesome mani!

      Don't forget to enter event 5 on my fb wall! I'm out of town, so I didn't get to blog about it. ^_^

  3. that is so cute!! love your pikachu <3