Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hi there!

<p>So I've been horribly neglectful, haven't I? Thought I would give you another Trip To The Past quickie and let you all know i'm still here!

These were my first ever gradient nails! I was working off of Rebecca Likes Nails' zebra gradient tutorial, but I didn't have pink, so I used red, orange and yellow. Most likely China Glaze Salsa, Papaya Punch and Happy Go Lucky. Then with a Sally Hansen art pen I added stripes and a little dragon. Because...dragons.

I hope you forgive me for my absence and I hope to see you again!

As always, I love comments, questions, whatever you have to contribute!

Until next time, Nail Friends!
Same nail polish time, same nail polish place!


  1. Hi! :) Glad you are still here! Your nails look great, and I love the little dragon :)

    1. Thanks so much! I love dragons. I love them so much. Haha. I didn't realize how much shorter my nails were back then! I kinda like it. I might file them down some more soon. ^_^ (not that they're THAT long right now.)

      (I seriously just looked for a like button for your comment. I've been on facebook too much!)

  2. Cute! Shared this on my Twitter and FB. <3