Sunday, February 12, 2012

And Then It Was March.

Welcome back, Nail Friends, to the Sunday Edition of The Adventures Of The Nail Friends!

That statement was slightly redundant, but no matter! Today I continue recapping my first year of nail art and for this February on a day so close to Valentine's Day... I'm going to post my St. Patrick's Day 1-Up nails! Soon you'll see that I started taking care of my nails, but not quite yet! I'd been getting them to grow out, so they were looking better, but clean up and top coat were still in the future!

I'm a self-professed geek and I love video games and nerdy things (holy obvious statement, Batman!) and so when I did green nails I just HAD to Mario it up a little bit. It was, however, March, so I also had to put some 4-leaf clovers on there. If I remember correctly, the base color was a million layers of Sally Hansen HD Hi-Def, then I (Sally Hansen) nail art penned on the clovers in black, then one more layer of the super-sheer green. The 1-up was all nail art pens and I touched up the circles with the base color.

At any rate, my fate was sealed. I was in to nail art and I was into nail art HARD. Instead of browsing silly humor sites at night on my phone I was browsing nail art blogs, gathering ideas and techniques and tips and a million other things that I know about now.

The great part is that I'm still learning, and I found one of the nicest groups of people to all be in love with the same thing on the internet. I swear that sentence makes sense!

That's pretty much all for this week, Nail Friends! I'm still adding things to the blog, making plans to build a lightbox for when the Trip To The Past segment is finished and I'm plotting a 75 follower giveaway that I think is pretty awesome! Again, I'll be updating Sundays and Thursdays, with Sundays being more formatted because I'll have internet on a computer and Thursdays with all the pictures at the bottom because that's what my phone lets me do! (If anyone knows how to format blog posts from a smartphone feel free to give me a shout!)

Also thanks to my 5 followers! Thanks so much for following me, guys! It means a lot!

Until next time! Same nail polish time, same nail polish channel!


  1. That was done free hand? If so that's awesome!!! I'm new to the nail art thing. I got a stamper just because I'm way to shakey for free. I bought som some dotting tools in hopes of making awesome designs a little easier :) love the green though. I'm glad I didn't buy one of those polishes yesterday I have no patience for polish that doesn't go on in 2 coats

  2. It was done freehand with the nail art pens. I LOVE my dotting tools though! So much more than brushes, though I use them all the time too.

    The HD polishes are really good for layering though!