Sunday, February 5, 2012

First post and a trip to the past!

Good evening, Nail Friends! 

This blog is going to be an ongoing record of the adventures I have doing nail art and learning about the art of the manicure. For my first post I'm going to begin with a series of my old nail art, preemptively apologize for not having made a light box yet, (or using a phone camera) and I'll tell you a little bit about myself. Not in that order.

I'm relatively new to the nailverse. Halloween 2010 I was introduced to a nail art pen and I was astounded that I could make art. With nails. Before that I was a nail-picker. I was that person with the torn cuticles and stubby, ripped nails and things you don't want to hear about! Outside of nails I'm an illustration student, a geek, and lately an aspiring cook. I love to draw, I adore making things out of clay and painting various things. I work in a bookstore and may share anecdotes about that, but mainly this blog is to showcase my nail art.  Well, enough about me, here are some of the manicures I've given myself over the last year. I again apologize for picture quality. That will improve as this goes on!

Companion Cube Nails

For my birthday in October 2010, my fantastic boyfriend tore apart a Rubik's Cube and turned it into a Companion Cube to keep me company. I left for a halloween party shortly after and learned of nail art and thought the Cube would be the PERFECT test of my new nail art pens!

It holds a place of honor on my computer desk.

Armed with 6 bottles of nail polish, no knowledge of base coats, top coats, buffing, nail files or anything I used my thumbnail as a canvas, painted a tiny heart on my index finger (didn't take a picture) and said "haha! Success!"

My first real nail art I ever did. -tear-

Of course, being a bit of a geek I had to see what the internet had to say about nails and I stumbled upon Chloe's Nails and from a little more google madness found rebecca likes nails and Chalkboard Nails. These were the only blogs I followed for awhile and I learned SO MUCH. From there I started liking pages on facebook, following pages on blogger etc. And here I am, making my very own!

My gosh this was a long first post. I'm going to start with manis I've done in the past, and as I build a light box and start to do more nail art, the blog will go from there! I'll try to have a giveaway here and there, tutorials if anyone wants them and I'm ALWAYS up for suggestions for nail art!

Nice to meet you, Nail Friends!

Up, up and away!


  1. That's kind of how I started! I went online looking for nail art, and stumbled across Rebecca LIkes Nails, Polish art addiction, Chalkboard Nails, My Simple LIttle Pleasures... The list kept getting bigger and suddenly I had a nail blog and a buttload of polish! NOW I am all about the indie brands and GLITTER! It's crazy life. LOL

    1. I loooooove the indie brands! I shouldn't have a credit/debit card because then I couldn't shop online. o_o

      There was so much about nails I didn't know that I do now. I feel a little weird when my friends say something like, 'oh I'll just add acetone into my polish" or "my nails are always breaking" and suddenly I have ALL THE ANSWERS. But I love it, so it's all good!

      I'm trying to organize all the blogs I follow into bloglovin...which is taking foooorever.