Monday, March 26, 2012

31 day catch up: Delicate Pattern

Hey there, Nail Friends!

So, I'm once again catching up because March was...apparently a really bad month to do a daily challenge! Who knew? Anyway, after these catch ups I'll be taking a short break from the challenge, probably give you some more of my old manis and all around get back in track with life and finish prepping for how AWESOME April is going to be!

These are no longer in order hahaha.

For this challenge I had a hard time deciding what to do. Like most people I wasn't really sure what..."delicate pattern" even meant, so I decided to use the most delicate color combination I know: Zoya Caitlin and Zoya Dove. These two were pretty much made for each other and like all Zoya polishes I've tried, apply like magic. I think I just really like the little Zoya brushes. My nails are big enough for the double wide brushes, but I like the feeling of control I get with the narrower ones like Zoya or China Glaze.

So without any more preamble, Delicate Patterned nails!

Unfortunately I'd forgotten my camera and so I took limited pictures of what I was doing because my phone camera can only do so much. But DOTS! (I love dots so hard!)


  1. Very pretty! I think the colors you picked are delicate :) And small polka dots are delicate too! :)

    1. Thanks! Those two colors were pretty much made for each other.