Monday, March 26, 2012

31 day catch up: Half Moon nails

Nail Friends...I absolutely LOVED these nails~

While doing a bunch of catch up that I'll post once I can find them in my phone (even with a file app it's hard to find my files. Go figure) I tried two of my untried nail polishes. Butter LONDON Slapper and Pretty and Polished's Galactus.

When I saw Galactus on her Etsy shop I fell in love for 3 reasons: deep purple, Rainbows and it's named, GALACTUS! Helloooo nerd buttons pressed! And then once it arrived it was so gorgeous that it immediately made its way into my top 5 purples.

And then Slapper just fit so perfectly with it! Tell me I'm right when you see the pictures. Now...I didn't have any handy binder reinforcements, so I used Zoya Trixie to dot-hide the terrible half moons I did, turning them into some pretty decent half moons. (I honestly use Trixie ALL the time. Never thought I'd use it this much!)

Picture time! (terrible clean up, but hey, I was rushing.)


Alright, a bit of a hiatus from 31 day stuff! I know I missed a couple and I have a lot to go, but I have other stuff I'm going to show you in the interim!

Until 10 minutes from now, Nail Friends!
Same nail polish time, same nail polish place!


  1. Very pretty! The colors all go together so well! I'm gonna try to do this kind of design on myself when my nails get longer :)

    1. It's supposedly easier with those binder reinforcement thingies. ^_^