Monday, March 26, 2012

Hunger Games party at my work?

So if you were wondering what's been keeping me so busy this month, this is certainly one of the many things! I work at a bookstore (there aren't many left, so you can probably figure out which one...) and we were having a party event for the Hunger Games release in theaters. Despite planning being a total SNAFU, overall the party went really well!

The best part besides getting paid to bead? We were asked to dress up like we were from the Capitol! Now, if you haven't read the books, the Capitol is supposed to be a place where the citizens have lost touch with reality and wear crazy clothes and bright colors, and are overall, just crazy! Of course, we had to make sure we could work in what we wore, so each of us ended up picking a color. I ended up picking out purple. A small group of us worked as a team and I got to do nails! So I'm going to show you my nails, and the nails of one of my coworker/friends. (I didn't get a picture of the other set I did. Darnit!)

Here we go! My nails are a base of CND Stickey (I always use this one!) layered under CG Flying Dragon. Over that I put Cult Nails Clairvoyant, slapped butter LONDON Tart With A Heart over that and over THAT I put CG Luxe and Lush. Enough crazy sparkle layering? Maaaaaybe!

So...sparkly. You'll see!

tried to capture it by going outside.

I'm a sucker for complimentary colors!


Super blur for SUPER SPARKLE!!

Sidenote: I didn't make it FOR the Hunger Games, but my water marbled fire ring was pretty perfect. My coworker wore it for the night. ^_^

Now THESE pretties are the nails my coworker wore for a little bit. There wasn't enough glue applied, so a couple were lost, but these are incredibly easy to recreate! (sorry for the phone pic. I made them at night)

A base of Cult Nails Time Traveler under CG Sexy in the City under Zoya Maisie. On the tips is CG Techno for some crazy flash and sparkle.

How do you like my homemade practice hand?

Well, that's all for now, Nail Friends! Keep an eye out for the start of the April Hunt (It needs a better name. Feel free to suggest one!)

Until next time, Nail Friends!
Same nail polish time, same nail polish place!


  1. Hi! Those purple nails are awesome!!! We just wanted to let you know that we love your blog and we nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award -

    1. Thank you so much! I'll be doing another blog award post soon it looks like!

  2. Love the purply sparkle mani! And the blue sparkly mani! And that marbled fire ring is awesome too!

    1. I still haven't tried marbling my nails, but I love marbling glass. ^_^

  3. Love the layering! Btw I also tagged you for an award :) Everyone loves you :P

    1. Omgosh thank you! It feels really great to know that my silly blog is appreciated. Like I said above, I'll be doing a blog award post soon!