Thursday, March 8, 2012

31 Day Nail Challenge Catch-Up: Yellow

Happy 1:41 in the morning here in CA, Nail Friends!

This last week was super crazy and I fell behind in my challenge! (Terrible...) BUT I replaced my camera battery charger, so what I'm about to treat you to looks SOOOOOO much better than my previous pictures. (except Squirtle. He got the camera treatment!)

Because I'm about to spam you with 7 posts of manis I did all tonight I probably will keep these all mostly  pictures and not as many words. Holy tired me, Batman!

I do have a few mani disclaimers because darnit I like you to know what I'm doing.
1: I only did my left hand
2: no base or top coat. These were purely for the challenge.
3: Some of these I forgot to clean up. So my apologies
4: All that removal ANGERED my cuticles...and I forgot my Lemon Butter.

Those aside, here goes yellow!

Colors Used
CG Happy Go Lucky
CG Salsa
WnW Eggplant Frost

I was trying for a fun, spotty look, but ended up with more of a Watchmen smiley button feel. Oh well!

More pictures under the cut!

I love comments and questions!

See you in a minute with Green, Nail Friends!

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