Thursday, April 5, 2012

April's rolling along!

Kadi Frease, you are the Silly event winner! Congratulations! Email me at!

And now for round two! This one is different. My bf is going to invent a word. On my fb wall I'd like you to define it. Then, this Sunday I'm going to read them all to him and he's going to pick his favorite definition (without knowing any names at all.) That person shall win the April: Definition contest!

His word is: Pescel!

All rules are in my previous post. I'll copy them out again every 5 contests. ^_^

(that picture is with a phone camera! DarlingDivaPolish's Dreamy over A England Saint George! I love it!)

Until next time, Nail Friends!
Same nail polish time, same nail polish place!

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