Saturday, December 8, 2012

They aren't new, but you haven't seen em!

Good...middle of the night, nail friends!

I finally plugged my phone into my computer to get my pictures out of it from the trip and do you know what I found? A bazillion pictures of my nails! I decided...that until I do my nails this weekend ('ll make your heart grow three sizes) I'd show you some nails I posted to my facebook...but that I actually have step by step pictures for how I did it!

With that said, I give you my "Pantone Nails!" (or muted ombre nails. whatever you want to call them)

I wore these for a good week and a half haha!

and to find out how I did me under the cut!

Now, my favorite part about these nails? Two polishes. Yeah. You read that right. TWO.

These two!
Warpaint Slime and Wet n Wild Tropicalia. With just these two colors, I made a bunch of colors inbetween just by mixing!

First I painted the pure polish colors on either pinky. Slime on one side and Tropicalia on the other.

Like so! (CND stickey underneath as usual!)
 I used a fan brush:

fan brush.
and I plooped two same-sized blobs of color from each onto a piece of paper and mixed like the dickens!

bloop bloop!

This color is the halfway point between pink and aqua.

Then, I mixed the thumb color with the green to make the middle finger color, the thumb color with the middle finger to make the pointer finger color and the middle finger color with the pure polish to make the ring color. If that was confusing....

Thumb+Pinky= Middle.
Thumb+Middle= pointer
Pinky+Middle= Ring.

It is exactly the same for the other hand. Just with pink. Start by getting the half and half from pink and aqua, then mix in that order above! 


very. very. messy.
but then you clean up and all is well!



MUTES! :D the browny gray can be off-putting at first, but once they're all together they look great!

darned hard to get a decent picture of all of them though.
And because this whole mute thing may not have made perfect sense... ART LESSON TIME! (remember the color wheel? hahaha)

just to make clicking that link easier: (really great article on mutes!)

That's all this time! I hope you enjoyed my Pantone Nails (graphic designer mom joke!)

Until next time, nail friends!
same nail polish time, same nail polish channel!


  1. I've seen this before O_o Are you sure you never posted it anywhere?

    1. i posted the nails to my fb when i did them. the tutorial is new though. probably. hahaha

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  3. Replies
    1. thank you! if you give it a shot I'd love to see!

  4. Graphic designer mom appreciates the reference and the art lesson. Love you!