Sunday, January 13, 2013

Who wants to geek out with us?

Hey there, Nail Friends!

So if you've poked around the blog a bit, you may notice a tab up top there that says "Gotta Catch 'Em All!" I have made it my goal to eventually have painted every one of the original 151 pokémon on my nails. 4 down. a LOT to go!

This pokéball crocheted by the AWESOME sami of Teliches! (IT SQUEAKS)

That's right. I love pokémon. I SAID IT! (haha like you didn't already know.) At any rate, I love pokémon and I love nails and you know what? I'm NOT THE ONLY ONE! Sharra from The Blahg and I came up with a super fun, super awesome way to show our need to be the very best!


reaaaaaady....FIGHT! (oh...wrong game? my bad.)

Basically once a week we pick a pokémon from what ever type is listed and represent it on our nails! For the first go through we're sticking to the original 151! (best pokémon ever) Then we hope to move on to later series with chandeliers and ice cream pokemon and whatnot.

First week (starting with grass) starts on January 20th! And the best part? WE WANT YOU TO JOIN US! We're working out the inlinkz thing so we can all get a little bit nerdy together! Join the facebook group for the inlinkz code and add yourself to the inlinkz link at the bottom once you've done your nails! It'll be where we distribute the link thingys for inlinkz!

And in honor of this challenge I have my process for the pokéball nails you see above. ^_^

Colors you will need: red, white, black.
Colors I used
Sinful Colors Sugar Sugar (shout out to Manicured Mommas for thinking my aurora nails were awesome and sending this to me as a prize for their nail art contest!)
Sinful Colors Tokyo Pearl
Cult Nails Nevermore (best black in existence. I will not stop saying that)

I used a small brush for the lines and a dotter for the center white dots.

Paint white down first, It's easier to paint over than red

Blorp that red on there! Approximately halfway down. ^_^

Paint black lines down the center of the two colors and dot the black in the middle and then the white on top of that!

We hope to see your pokémon nails too! But even if you don't participate, we'll have all the pokémon nail action, Sundays, here on AOTNF and over on Sharra's amazing page, The Blahg!

Until next time, nail friends!
same nail polish time, same nail polish channel!


  1. Ohh my I'm looking forward to see what you'll both come up with for the next weeks! So far it's a good start :)) Kisses


    1. I'm super excited for this challenge! You should join us! :D

  2. Your Pokeballs are so adorable! I never got as into Pokemon (I was always a Sailor Moon girl ;p), but I'm really looking forward to seeing what y'all do for these!

    1. Sailor Moon and pokemon were my shows! I always loved Sailor Mercury! I should do some SM nails sometime! My bf would give me ALL the funny looks ahaha

  3. awesome! I love pokemon too, ive only done pickachu but maybe one day ill get around to all of them! hahah theres just so many!

    1. My goal is the 151 originals...but once this challenge is over we're moving on to the other i'll have A LOT of pokemon haha. I should throw a digimon in there somewhere! Gomamon for life!

  4. am i late to join??? i so want to!!