Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's that day! Giveaway day!

Hey there, Nail Friends!

Last week I posted a bit of a teaser for a giveaway I've had in planning since....last August. This giveaway is a little different from ones you've seen before. You don't have to follow me or be a fan. Every 25 cents you donate is an entry! There are no entry limits, so you can donate as much as you want and every quarter is another entry in the running for what I think is a pretty darned fantastic prize!

Is this not awesome!?

"But what are we donating to?" GOOD QUESTION!

 I've decided that I'd like to give to an organization in my home county. They also have NO idea I'm doing this at all. Dedication to Special Education raises money for special needs children in Marin by granting money to classrooms in public schools and also by helping fund the Technology Resource Center of Marin. The TRC provides technology to children to assist in communication and everyday functioning.

Lumina Lacquer  donated two customs in honor of my little sister!

In the interest of being open and honest, my mother is on the board of DSE. I didn't tell her I was doing this and being so close to the non-profit enables me to tell you that, yes, The money goes to the kids. All of the board members are volunteers and all of the board members are parents of special needs children. (My little sis has Aspergers and some other stuff that she deals with like a champ!) They are a great group of people and everything they do is for kids!

Lynn of Lynnderella donated these three gorgeous polishes!

Now, because of California raffle laws and not wanting to step into funny legal areas I have to ask that all donations be made to my paypal using the gift option (pesky fees) Paypal: I'm running this out of Alaska which has different laws that I looked over with people who can actually read those things.

I'll list prizes below, but Tish of Cosmetish speaks highly of the Nyx pencil!

I will have daily updates on my paypal balance (which I just emptied) so you can see where I am. At the end of the giveaway I will donate it all to DSE through their donate button and show you a screengrab of the email stating that I did it. Then I will random number generate the winner and the runner up! (I have an extra bottle of Lynnderella Connect The Dots that will be a second prize!)

Because who DOESN'T need hairties? (Short haired ladies shhhh. They're good rubberbands too!)

currently at zero

Open Internationally! Any questions, PM me on facebook under Adventures Of the Nail Friends or email me at !

Giveaway will run until February 24th at midnight Alaska time (that's an hour earlier than Pacific and 4 hours earlier than EST)
  • Lynnderella Ruby Red Ruby (donated)
  • Lynnderella VamPink(donated)
  • Lynnderella Connect The Dots (donated)
  • Lumina Lacquer Custom Angel Sugar (donated)
  • Lumina Lacquer Peace Love & Pokemon (donated)
  • Pretty & Polished Galactus (received as an accidental doubled order. Been waiting for the best thing to do with it! It's my favorite purple!)
  • Gelous (for all the glitter you're receiving!)
  • Burt's Bees Lemon Butter
  • Elf Little Black Beauty Book in Warm Python
  • Nyx Milk Pencil
  • Revlon Nail File
  • Scünci hair ties (some of them are sparkly!)
  • Compact Mirror
  • Mini Spotted Tote to keep it all in!
Runner Up
  • Lynnderella Connect The Dots (purchased and unused)
a couple shots of the awesome polishes made with my sister in mind!

Angel Sugar: My sister names things the girliest ways possible!
Peace, Love, & Pokemon: She loves peace signs, Pokémon and has a lot of love to give!


  1. I sent a donation. Small charities like this where the money really makes a difference are my favorite :)

  2. This is great! I just sent over a donation. :)

  3. More people should do giveaways like this. Seriously. Bravo.

    1. Thank you very much. It was a bit of a bonus that I moved. It's not always possible to do giveaways like this depending on state laws. So I lucked out that I moved to a state that allows it! ^_^

  4. This is awesome that you are doing this!! I hope you raise a ton of money!!! I hope I sent my donation the correct way.