Tuesday, February 5, 2013

PayPal balance update~

Hey there, Nail Friends!

So I realized that I've been updating my facebook with my current balance for the donation...but not my blog! What if you don't read my facebook?!

So far, some lovely, wonderful people have donated a total ooooof:


I am beyond excited! This giveaway still isn't over! If you'd like to donate and still gain entries to win that fabulous prize 2 posts back, just send over your donation to mahiimahi@gmail.com on paypal! Every 25 cents is an entry!

until next time, nail friends!


  1. i've just sent some across, but dozy me forgot to fill in the message box. It'll come up as from Mary as i originally set the account up in her name :) x

    1. I got it, thank you so much! I've fixed your name on my "keeping track of entries list" as well. ^_^